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Access Support

Access Support


All of Canada
Regional Details
Not specific

Funding Information

Canada Council
Single Window, can be accessed when submitting a grant to another program??Opens door to Application Assistance funding
Access Support responds to the financial disadvantages that many Deaf or disabled artists routinely experience in creating, producing and disseminating art. Funds are available as a supplement to an awarded grant and provided to recipients who identify specific disability-related supports that are needed to carry out their proposed activities
Deaf?Disability?Mental Illness
Individual applicants who self-identify as Deaf, having disabilities or living with mental illness, as well as groups and organizations that dedicate the majority of their resources towards supporting these communities. This supplementary grant provides a contribution towards costs for specific services and supports required to carry out a project funded through a Canada Council program (from this point on referred to as the associated grant).
Individuals must self-identify as Deaf, having disabilities or living with mental illness AND must be eligible to Canada Council programs??Groups and organizations must : ?- have a validated profile as a group or organization with a mandate to support artists who would qualify as individuals?- which dedicate the 51% of their activities and resources to supporting artist communities?- be eligible to Canada Council Programs
Specific Provisions
Provision Type
you have the active participation, collaboration, involvement, and empowerment of the specific community/communities impacted by the project
Charitable Status Required
Contribution Limits
Must be costs specifically related to the project?May not be the entire cost of the essential accommodative expense?Cannot cover daily costs, and uses these limits for certain costs: Attendant Services/Support Worker -$15-30/hr; $120-250 Daily rate (travel costs are covered by Council, per diems are not covered by Council)?Sign Language Interpretation- ASL: $75-100/hr, $750 Daily Rate; LSQ: $95-125/hr, $900 Daily Rate (travel costs are covered by Council, per diems are not covered by Council)?Transcription Services/readers - $40-60/hr
Yearly Applications
None specified
Deadline Info
Continuous intake
Composite Grants
Application Process
Access Support request can be submitted with the associated grant application, or up to 90 days after receiving confirmation of grant receipt.
Notification Notes
Notification is six months after submission of the associated grant (longest of any notification timeline)

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